USPS INDUSTRY ALERT: Price Change Proposed for July 14, 2024

April 16, 2024

SAVE UP TO 6% ON POSTAGE! Here’s how:

With the July 2024 USPS price change on the horizon (over 7% increase for Letter size mailers at the For-Profit rates, and a nearly 4.5% increase for the Non-Profit mailers), it’s time to start strategizing ways to offset this cost while retaining the integrity of your valuable direct marketing campaigns. The experts at Freedom are eager to show you how to minimize postal increases by utilizing various Postal Promotions in conjunction with valuable ad-on incentives.


Five USPS “Base” Promotions are proposed for 2025. Some are rebranded, and some are brand new. Additionally, two “Add-On Promotions” can be stacked or doubled-up with another base promotion to help you save even more on postage!

USPS Base Promotions for 2025 include:

  • Tactile Sensory and Interactive
  • Reply Mail IMbA
  • Integrated Technology (New)
  • Continuous Contact (New)
  • First-Class Mail Advertising (New)

Freedom is here to show you how to use each of these promotions to your advantage!

The Tactile Sensory and Interactive (TSI) promotion will be back in 2025 with a 4% discount. While gloss stock no longer qualifies for this promotion, spot varnish may. Freedom’s diverse inventory of format options can help you benefit from this valuable discount!

The Reply Mail promotion makes a comeback in 2025. If you are using Qualified Business Reply Mail as part of your outgoing mail campaign, you could qualify for discounts by including a static or serialized barcode. Enjoy a 3% discount for static IMbA, and a 6% discount for serialized IMbA!

Another Base USPS promotion for 2025 has been renamed “Integrated Technology” and will absorb most of the elements found in the 2024 Emerging and Advanced Technology promotion. Integrated Technology brings to light the exciting ability to combine technology with print utilizing Augmented Reality and Voice Assistant and is eligible for a 3% postage discount.

The fourth Base 2025 USPS promotion is completely new! The “Continuous Contact” promotion will trigger a 3% discount when a Mailer contacts the same recipient multiple times with a common offering. More Advertising = More Postal Savings!

The fifth and final Base 2025 USPS proposed promotion is “First Class Mail Advertising”. This promotion includes a 3% postal discount, will be absorbing the 2024 “Personalized Color Transpromo” and is designed to encourage the use of First-Class mail as an opportunity to promote a mailer’s other offerings.

Now take those promotions and keep adding on additional savings! While the proposed 2025 USPS promotions have 5 Base Promotions, the USPS is proposing two additional promotions that can be activated by doubling up/stacking with another base promotion!

These add-ons, each valued at 1% postal discount, include “Informed Delivery” and the brand new “Sustainability” promotion. While the Informed Delivery requirements will remain the same as previous years, the “Sustainability” add-on promotion encourages the usage of paper within your mailing to come from “responsible sources”.

And there’s more! Additional ways to save include:

  • The full service IMB discount will increase from $.003/pc to $.005/pc.
  • A *NEW* catalog incentive will be valued at $.001/pc, including all bound spine mailers (glued or stitched, letter size and flat size) consisting of at least 12 pages.

THAT’S A LOT OF SAVINGS! And Freedom can help you strategize your direct marketing goals to benefit from each and every promotion. Our holistic approach to direct marketing constantly evolves to minimize your postal spend and grow your business. Let us help you develop the most efficient postal budget for today and in the years to come!

Let us drive Your Results Through Direct Marketing.