Multi-Channel Integration

Freedom’s innovation, flexibility, and collaboration with your supply chain and agencies ensures excellent coordination and execution of your multi-channel direct marketing programs. Ultimately, the success of your marketing programs requires precise planning between your multi-channel partners.

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Data & Analytics

We have highly-experienced data processing teams that can complete any additional processing required for your campaigns. We commonly provide: data manipulation services, coding key coding, file splits, NCOA, DSF, Merge/Purge, suppression (industry & proprietary), geo-coding, presort and custom programming, and custom reporting.

Strategic Partner

To be a Strategic Partner (SP) to our clients simply means that Freedom has evolved into a trusted collaborator and resource as you plan your future marketing campaigns. “Strategy is Implementation” is a common phrase that underlines the SP concept and the critical role Freedom plays in your campaign’s success. We become an essential member of your marketing team. We focus on customized direct mail solutions that generate improved cycle-times, efficiencies, and cost-saving options.

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