Leveraging Direct Mail During a Pandemic Event

April 9, 2020

As news of the Coronavirus Pandemic (and eventually the virus itself) spread across the globe, everyone’s lives were disrupted in one way or another. Americans quickly began to take precautions in hopes of staying healthy and halting the spread of COVID-19. Similarly, Freedom employees immediately took action to ensure our workplace and employees would be safe and incident-free.

Just as quickly, sporting events were either cancelled or postponed, as was the National Postal Forum, and any event that would draw a crowd of people. To discourage the spread of the virus, social distancing directives took effect, with “Shelter-in-Place” orders not far behind. Amidst the turmoil, we realized the power of togetherness and our desire to belong to a safe and healthy environment.

Many employees across the country are now working remotely, some of whom live alone and have no human contact during this time other than a trip to the grocery store or local post office. What used to be a walk to the company coffee machine is now a mere few steps from laptop to refrigerator. Instead of passing other employees along the way, we may only pass a dog or cat. Many things are quite different for all of us now. But rest assured there’s a pretty good chance we will be greeted by something unique to us in our mailbox; a reminder that we as individuals are indeed special.

While daily lives have been upended, simple tasks like checking the mailbox are welcome reminders of an everyday normalcy that we’ve taken for granted in the past. As marketers, now more than ever is the time to reach out to society and stay connected by helping consumers through this crisis with unwavering support as society rebuilds again:

–       Provide reassurance that you will be there in times of need and uncertainty.

–       Stand with them as they navigate a new future.

–       Inspire them to pull through difficult times and flourish.

Feeling shut off from society can lead to depression and uncertainty, especially for senior citizens, many of whom are living alone and/or may not have email access to keep them connected to the outside world. Imagine how special we all would feel if we received direct mail encouraging us in positive ways, with uplifting messages of support and partnership, and offers to help alleviate the financial stress we may be facing in the months ahead. From product coupons, to balance transfer credit card offers, to investment strategies, to “peace of mind” communications, the USPS delivers relevant and powerful messages to all of us 6 days per week – that’s over 300 days/year in which marketers can reach consumers!

Freedom is here for you every step of the way, from concept to mailbox; focusing on relevant, impactful, and timely communications that help connect you with consumers and build reliable and lasting partnerships.

Consider relevant direct-marketing programs that are proven to gain attention during a crisis. Speed to market is the key, as well as improved readership and special offers:

–       Implement a fully-automated and customized digital program with flexible versioned creative and messaging to provide consumers with important information and special offers that help them though this crisis and beyond.

–       Supplement envelope kits with self-mailers or postcards to stay in touch often and help them feel connected.

–       Utilize a multi-channel coordinated approach by pairing tactile mail with e-mail programs in a less-cluttered environment.

While uncertainty looms in the world today, we are a group that possesses creative ingenuity with the drive to preserve and protect all the things we hold precious. Generating involvement is the first step of maintaining this crucial bond in our society. Reach out and stay connected. Build camaraderie in this time of uncertainty. Similar to consumers, the business world will need to rebuild as well. Encourage your team to share ideas that will shape and rebuild the future of your business. Find out what fuels your fire and then ignite a blazing path into the future.

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