First-Class Postcard Size Increase – Effective 8/29/2021

August 5, 2021

The USPS Announces First-Class Postcard Size Increase – Effective 8/29/2021

The USPS PRC has approved increasing the maximum size of first-class postcards from 6.0” x 4.25” to 9.0” x 6.0”.

What would you do with more of a good thing?

Imagine what you would do with a bigger closet… a 3rd car garage… more kitchen storage… a larger seat at the stadium… extra legroom on an airplane… 111% more advertising space…

Imagine what you would do with extra space if you could get it for FREE*…

It’s a delightful surprise to get more than expected. Imagine saving $120,000 on the postage cost of a 1MM-piece mailing while increasing ad space by more than 111%! Here’s how it’s possible to make your direct marketing dreams come true: While we’re only talking about 28.5 square inches, this somewhat “small” figure more than DOUBLES the previous maximum size of a first-class postcard while reducing the postage cost of a comparable self-mailer by 28%!

What would YOU do with more space?

There are many ways to creatively engage your audience with direct mail, and with 28.5 additional square inches, there’s plenty of extra space to test each of these unique and exciting ideas in your next campaign:

• Add a QR code to enhance a multi-channel experience while also taking advantage of the mobile shopping discount from the USPS
• Add a coupon or two or three
• Add product details and photography
• Emphasize a phone number or website address
• Add a personalized note

More advertising space while reducing postage costs? YES PLEASE!

The red area in the illustration above proportionately represents a 6.0” x 4.25” area, what used to be the largest postcard that could be mailed in the United states with first-class postage. Beginning August 29, 2021, the maximum size of a first-class postcard increases by 111% to 9.0” x 6.0” while benefitting from the same postage rate, equivalent to delivering 111% more ad space for free! *THIS SAVINGS REPRESENTS THE COST OF U.S. POSTAGE ONLY AND DOES NOT INCLUDE THE COST OF MATERIALS OR MANUFACTURING.

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